Unveiling the Lunar Hunter by shinsei19

Unveiling the Lunar Hunter

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 26, 2004
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Artwork Description

This creature stalks her prey deep into the ruins outside of Kellios, as the twin moons cast the gazes onto the ruins of an ancient, abandoned temple. An abomination as well as an undaunted hunter, she shambles on with a misshapen cunning and grace as the liquid stone and sinew morph along her ever-changing frame. Graphite and pastel pencil with digital coloring/treatment.

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shinsei19's picture

Thank you again, Kirsi Smile I actually did want a softer, well, touch to it, to somewhat counterbalance the seriousness of being hunted down...or something like that...hmmm...it's late..haha ^_^

kizalon's picture

oh my... this is incredible. The atmosphere and the softness of her moves are almost touchable. I love this!

shinsei19's picture

Jennifer thank you. As to her originas, she isn't but she is sister to that monster hehe; this is Dayhas, the one in the vat was Tsuma. The eyes are misshapen replacements for her normal ones, in a way borrowing the idea of a blind messiah only applying it to a predator-prey theme.

Marley, thank you on all counts Smile The texture on the canvas comes from the paper I use, a scrapbook paper from Canson (funny, those serendipitous moments hehe).

Erika haha, as long as you like it, that's all that ma

eschulz's picture

OMG this is so great. I love the skeliton effect. Bones and sharp things waiting to inflict damage. This is deffinately a hunter.

thrax-1's picture

That is striking work Aaron.the composition of the piece is effective,i like how all detailing around the image seems to draw toward your character,which is also really nicley done too!.Lovely colour palette .It looks(but not actually) as if you use custom wood as your canvas.just looking at all the specs and spots about the place,all just adds to the ambience.graet work aaron

jlwilliamson's picture

Is she the finished monster that was brewing in the primordial ooze? Cool, either way. I love the eyes embedded in her thigh and shoulder. You have a lovely sense of motion to your work as well. Very nice.

Art at its best.