SAGA promo art: Elf by liquidd

SAGA promo art: Elf

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Added: Aug 18, 2007
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Promotional art for Wahoo Studios' online MMORTS game entitled "SAGA".

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This piece was created to the specifications of the client for advertisement and print. So while I agree with some of your suggestions (I actually had this character shadowed, but they wanted her to stand out) I will not make any corrections or justifications. Thanks for viewing. : )

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Your background is amazing! I wonder what program you used.
My only suggestion is work on the perspective a little bit more. Especially with the left hand. Also try to make it look like she's actually gripping the arrow. And like the previous person said, the arrow should cross the other side of the bow.
One last thing, you could add a bit more shadows on her. Because compared to the trees she has little shadow going on. My art teacher used to tell me to be bold and not afraid to darken my characters. But overall it's awesome. I still would like to know the program used.

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Great pic, but... the archery is completely wrong. The arrow should cross to the other side of the bowstave from the hand drawing it back it. Additionally, the arrow itself is not resting on her hand (or anything else for that matter) near the arrowhead, meaning she's supporting the entire weight of the arrow from the rear which would mean her chances of hitting anything accurately are minimal.

eldar's picture

Strong perspective view! As I inderstand this art used for cover and right side with girl places above on face of cover.

Very cool!

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woooooooooow that looks great and this is my first time comming on this website real big hats of to u ma friend big hats

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Hats off to you, friend...

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The perspective and lighting are fantastic. The green everywhere works perfect. Goes with the dwarf piece very well.

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That’s a cool Elf archer, and the sun light in the back ground looks great.

Art at its best.