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Added: Jan 29, 2004
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this is what i call art and science man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for your kind words John, and yes that's exactly what I strive for as well in some of my pieces - to "transport" the viewer to another place and time in much the same way a good book or film does...

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that is absolutely amazing. Seeing that painting, gives me the abillity to, for a brief second, enter a world that i can only imagine. For me that is a goal in my artwork, bring to life what people can only imagine, and you have done this to a degree i can only hope to reach one day. Absolutely amazing!

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Yes, it was mainly done in oil, although I "cheated" a bit using an architectural drawing pen to pick out a lot of those tiny details, and I used an airbrush (with thinned oil) for the nebula. Actually I lost a lot of values in the process of taking a photo of the picture and digitizing it. There's a lot more detail work of lights, windows and mouldings in those dark shadowed areas and recesses in the original...

The amusing thing over the years has been how some people have mistaken it for a photo of a physical model or more recently a 3d digital render.

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Thanks for your considerable compliments Marley - and to everyone else who has posted such kind words about the piece!


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Hi N,
This piece took me a period of 9 months (like giving birth to a baby!) - although I wasn't working continuously on it, I only worked at home during my holiday breaks away from University.

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Thanks for your comments Christopher!
Actually perhaps the reason it looks so "old and classic" is that I painted it way back in 1982 when I was a huge fan of Star Wars and Battle Star Galactica...

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This reminds me of some of my all time favorite space movies;
Ice Pirates, Space Hunter, Star Wars, Battle Beyond The Stars, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galatica. I love that old, classic retro-futuristic look you've captured.

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You have a talent for portraying great scale. This ship actually looks astonishingly huge. Beautiful colors and lighting. Congrats!

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Great job in any medium!

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Now that's a painting! Nuff said.

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Impressive...Most Impressive!

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Wow, is this a painting?

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Stunning work! You can really feel the size and power of that thing.
How much time it took you to make this one?

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Stunning ! *pick up jaw from floor*
You've got great talent ! The amount of details is impressive, the sharp light very real like. I hope you will post more.

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I want one. One of the actual spaceships, that is!! Incredible detail on this piece!

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one of the best spaceships i have seen in a loong time.That is brilliant work.Love the blue and green lighting.Adds to the scale of the ship.The detail is another impressive aspect to this thanks very much for posting!.

Art at its best.