The Coldest Day by chrisja

The Coldest Day

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 06, 2004
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This piece is about a bruised woman who's trying to escape from shadow-like phantoms, with her life, on a cold morning. I call it, 'The Coldest Day', because, to the woman, being chased by phantoms on a winter morning, bare footed on flooded ground, this is the coldest day she will ever have. If she lives, she will remember her cold hands trying hard to pull up an old axe from the water to protect herself from impossible shadows.

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If you have never read "The Old Kingdom" series by Garth Nix, you need to. This image is a perfect representation of someone being chased by a "Gore Crow" and "Shadow Hands".

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this pieace is so amazing!!!!!

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this pieace is so amazing!!!!!

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You've touched my soul in a very personal way, and yet you will probably never know just how so. Never the less very few can bring a tear to these tired eyes and the sting is a great welcome surprise. BRAVO!!!

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Oh wow! So much movement and emotion in your image! I love that it's so dynamic! Smile Great work.

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Hey thanks! I feel honored you like this enough to keep coming back. Smile She's gonna get really messed up, but barely escape with her life. However, the scars on her body and cold days of the future will always remind her of this horrific moment.

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it is really cool how you have done this. i love the way she is hidding. easy to find! Smile

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I stumbled upon this site by mistake, and I'm so glad I did. WOW! This image is simply amazing. I kept coming back to this page just to see her, so I finally had to respond. I so want to know what's going to happen to her!

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wow this pic is you do your own comics or anything like that?....if not u should...or you could just leave all the thinking to the viewers who see the pic....very very good job...^_^

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I really appreciate all of your comments! I submitted this piece to two art book called 'Spectrum, and Expose'. I'm hoping I get in at least one.

Ricardo, it's funny you mention 'The Shinning', because that movie has internally influenced my vision since I saw it as a kid. So when I paint eerie paintings, feelings from that movie usually comes to mind.

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Incredibel! The feeling of suspense that it invokes is amazing. Can't help but feel what she's feeling. Thumbs way up

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Fantastic imagery!You've caught the moment perfectly.Awe inspiring.

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There's a skull in her skirt. Excellent work.

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Absolutely amazing! Just Great!

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Great shot, great image! Lots of emotion here.

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Fantastic piece - top marks (if I could give em).

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love this one. it reminds me of a scene of "the shinning"

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This is absolutely amazing-- I can't stop staring. The rendering and colors are so clear and vivid I can almost feel the cold in the air...

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Wow,I really like that!Great job!

Art at its best.