Zudevon Animora by chrisja

Zudevon Animora

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 06, 2004
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This was for an art contest I won second place in called, Thunderdome. The contest was to create the ultimate warrior of the ancient past. This charcter is origionally from South Africa, raised to fight lions and other fierce animals bare handed with the goal of becoming the most powerful. With each warrior he defeats, his routine is to assimulate their weapons and fighting techniques, growing more unstoppable. Here, he holds the heads of three warriors he's defeated to present his might.

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hey i love your work as well, im only 15 and havent started drawing yet but i would like to start on the computer in paintshop or one of those programs and i was wondering if you would tell me where to get it and everything i need to operate it smoothely? thanks alot, Travis

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Hey Chris, thanks I'm glad you like this. You said you want to learn how to do this? If you have at least photoshop 7, a fast computer to run it on with no slow down or lag while you paint, a good wacom tablet, your set. You don't even have to draw traditionally or scan anything in, just draw in photoshop. I suggest changing your brushes settings so that you have a good pencil-brush, and at least 2 good paint brushes, a hard edge using at different opacities, and a soft edge used for smoothing certain areas. The hard edge brush be you major brush to use. I also suggest studying old masters illustrations and paintings, and studying life, to get down good composition, color, value, etc. Hope thats somewhat helpful. Thanks again for liking this painting.

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Well, it's dark, it's got this gothic tone to it, and it's very crude, I love it. To be honest, this is like something I would have tryed to create with a pencil, and failed at miserably in comparison to this. I want to know how you do that, I want to learn this. Be able to merge my pencil drawings and ink drawings with photoshop and other paint programs. Any suggestions?

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