Looking for me? by snow-wolf

Looking for me?

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 05, 2004
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Artwork Description

You step into yet another seemingly empty room of the house that you are exploring when suddenly something starts to rise up from the tile floor. Firts a head then a torso of a young woman.
"What are you looking for? Are you looking for me?" she asks in a soft yet almost dark voice.

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snow-wolf's picture

Well I think that it's more of the shock of someone actually coming out of the floor. I'm so happy that you enjoyed this picture though.

yerin's picture

wow.. very spooky!! and also very original concept.. I love this picture!

snow-wolf's picture

Many thanks.. I think that this has got to be one of my most interesting drawings that I have ever done.. of course I enjoy the reactions that I've been getting for this one. Have been thinking about doing a series of pics dealing with people that move through solid objects but haven't had the time to do so.

Guest's picture

I thought it was a severed torso that was looking about before I red the description.

snow-wolf's picture

Many thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed this. To be completely honest I had used my face/ eyes as a model for both of the pictures in this gallery. I guess that you can tell that I have a particular style as far my penciling goes. Thanks for stopping by! ^__^

dilosh's picture

The thought of someone rising up from the floor is just... creepy! Smile And her expression goes so well with it!
The textures are all beautiful. and i like your soft and smooth style of shading... but most of all, i like how you draw the eyes so captivating!

romanweb's picture

Thanks for the comments Dawn and I must say that this work is great! You have great penciling skills and the perspective pulls you right into the girls eyes....spooky!
Looking foward to seeing more,

Guest's picture

I can see why the picture was accepted. It's beautiful. Dawn is very
talented..(GOSH>>I know a celebrity. Smile

~Helen Bohen

snow-wolf's picture

Thank you... who ever you might be... I think that the hardest thing about this picture was trying to make sure that the textures in the tile floor and the rug could be "felt" in a way...

snow-wolf's picture

Thanks Marilyn... I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm also surprised that the slight hint of darkness in her "personality" you might say is actually detectable.

blueunicorn's picture

I find the perspective awesome here. And she does have a dark look....very intense and somehow forboding. Great work!

snow-wolf's picture

Many thanks... Your reaction reminded me of how some of my friend's reacted when they saw it. One had ended up having a staring contest witht he picture then claimed that the woman blinked... ^___^ *chuckles*

Guest's picture

It's cute. I like the textures.

Guest's picture

I like the shadings that you made with pencil. The lady looks as if she really is coming out of the tile floor! She has this intense fixation on someone. It kinda almost freaks me out. But its really cool!

Art at its best.