Bronze Dragon by mausfoot

Bronze Dragon

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 10, 2004
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Bronze Dragon from The Draconomicon

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i know all of these dragons becuz they made a book called the particel guide to dragons>

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That baby at the bottom right looks so cute, thank you for posting!

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These dragon studies are all breathtaking! All the work and thought that it conveys is truely a,azing. You also did a good work o making it look like the work in some scholar's journal. Great work!
Conecerning presentation I'd suggest to maybe do the paper on black background, it would then merge with Epi's design and not create this bright border, which is but a minor distraction.

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"it is just a chesley nomination" - hehe, sounds really strange to me - it is for sure not "just" a nomination - i only could dream about ever recieving such a honor - however, be sure i also keep my fingers crossed and whish you all the best - your work for sure deserves this award - you did a wonderful job with those dragon designs - and for me it is honor enough to be here under such talented artists as you are!!!

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thanks kindly for those words! and that is just a Chesley nomination but then again no small thing in itself....fingers crossed : )

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this is just a mindblowing piece, as is the whole series - btw. congrats to your chesley on the silver dragon Wink, well deserved i might add!! - thanks for sharing your outstanding work with us...

Art at its best.