The Twin Stars #2 by kiriko

The Twin Stars #2

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Added: Oct 15, 2004
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Line art drawn in Micron pens, coloring in Photoshop 7.

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sharon8malka's picture

They remind me of Castor and Pollux!

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I am just awe stuck by your art and the "male Love" theam that you are using. I have to say that It is nice to see someone with protray Male love in a good light. You have done the world a great services with your art!
Thank you.

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It's gorgeous, great job!

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Dear Kiriko!
I usually check your site on the Epilogue, because I admire, adore, and absolutely love your drawings. You are simply great!
I love your beautiful boys-the Japanese words is bishounen, isn'it?-, they are full of life, love and beauty.
And this new way which you use is divine.

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Beautiful art. They truely do look magical. The one sitting looks so serious. I love the bands around the arms. Very nice, well done!

kiriko's picture

Hi Manuel!

This kind of art is often called 'yaoi' or 'shonen ai' from the Japanese genres of boy's love. This kind of art isn't really new, in fact the old Japanese shunga prints often featured homorotic scenes. In Japan, it's been aceepted for decades that women have a great appreciation for art and literature with these themes, but it's only just started to become popular in the western world.

This kind of art has always been around, but it hasn't always been so out in the open, at least not in recent memory.

It is not my belief that anyone can be 'converted' in regards to their sexuality. I'm a straight woman, and I know that I never chose that role. I think it always something you are born with. It happens in other species of animals as well - it's not something exclusive to humans.

In the case of this picture, the two men are twin brothers and divine beings, so the love they express is merely that of their brotherly bond. Smile

sancho's picture

Good painting skills and,well,I don't know what else can be interesting in this specific subject.
I had seen several times in this gallery and other wed sites this kind of subject which show 2 guys doing their controversial kind of "love expression nosurebout this kind of art,I'm wonder if this kind of art is something new to us?or always had been like this? or the artists are trying to reach different markets ofthose who born with this kind of attraction or tose who were converted to this by those who are natural born?

Maybe this piece is representing 2 divines creatures expressing love to each other in a very unique way?

Art at its best.