Consort of the Morning Star by matthughes

Consort of the Morning Star

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Added: Feb 17, 2004
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Background is oil paint.
There are countless myths regarding the forbidden love affair between Lilith (Principle of the Night) and Lucifer (the morning star). One such myth displays Lucifer's true love for Lilith through the giving of the Cloak of Night. Here, Lilith wears the cloak as a means of protection against the Morning Star's radiance. In the shadows of the cloak, she holds the night near.

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Thank you so much for your comments! The wing design is treated slightly different then the others. I have noticed that the more work I do the more "graphic" my work becomes. My intent with this depiction was to convey the separation that happened with Lilith and Lucifer. The direction of their somber glances is intended to portray a parting of the ways. I use Prismacolor Pencils. Not the best pencils but the best on the market.

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This is quite an interesting concept, and it has been realized in a very convincing, very beautiful way. Thank you for not making my dear Devil look evil, though naturally this would be before the Fall... No, apart from that, I (as opposed to Kirsi) don't think Lilith looks at all despairing, rather quite content and slightly triumphant. She would have good reason to be, after all. The colour of the wings is breathtaking, absolutely stunning. Is it just me, or does this wing design differ from the other ones in your gallery? Especially "Kindred" and the one portraying Death were different, as I recall... Excellent artwork, in any case.

After going through your gallery, I must ask, what kind of coloured pencils do you use? Any specific brand or so that you could recommend to your worshippers?

An excellent depiction from an absurdly talented artist!

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This is so beautiful - love the wings

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The whole idea is so interesting that i'd like to steal it! Heehhe, just kidding =). That contrast between Lucifer and dark Lilith works so fine and the composition is also good. Lilith really looks sad and in despair.. Again, love the pic!

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This is nice, keep it up! ^___^ I've been to the site, and omfg, it's awesome. Somehow Lucifer looks alot like that jedi from that movie Star Wars. >_>;; Hehe.....~Akemi.~

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I'm totally stock. Is very beautiful and soo inspirational.. I did not know this myth.. Thanks a lot for being here!

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Art at its best.