Kindred by matthughes


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Added: Feb 17, 2004
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In a time of magic and astrological forces, mythical creatures shared the Earth. Between them was an understanding that they were each unique yet created from the same life force. Therefore, they were all kindred.

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it's such a stunning drawing verry capturing

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the first thing i see here is marilyn monroe i cant help but see her

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I love it. It is so pretty

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Breathtaking image....I love your work!

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Thank you so much for letting me know about this! I will have my lawyer contact them and ask that it be removed. You know, if they like my work this is the WORST way to show it! Thanks again Christine.

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You create some of the most beautiful works out of the most difficult tools and they're all individually stunning. I especally love the wings.

Very VERY well done Master Craftsman.
~ Elaniah

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OK..your killen me here! LOL! I am just so amazed by your pieces! I just can't get over the fact this is color pencil!!! WOW Matt... you are just amazing! A Master in your craft!

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Just unbelivable what you can do with colored pencils - I am in awe! This drawing I loved all the time Smile It has something magical! Thanks for sharing!

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simply wonderful.. this should be like a wall-sized painting in a great hall or something =). Great view, feeling and colours...Love it!

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I love this one. I've seen it on the cover of the "Realms of Fantasy" magazine.

The Joe

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I am absolutely enthralled with this piece. It's beautiful and I am captured by its radiance. Outstanding!

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this is so amazingly beautiful, i love the detail on the wings!

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I like all of your work !
This is beautiful !!!! and you made it with colored pencil .. Thats very good !

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This is in my Spectrum book!! I loved it when I first saw it and still do. The point of view and composition is perfect!! Beautiful!!

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Theres no words for such beauty!!!

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Splendid! Amazing what you can accomplish with color pencils.

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o my god..i cant believe that´s possible to do it with...colour pencils!!!!

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so far my fav .... gorgeous !!!!

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All your work is fantastic! This is a favourite of mine... I am astonished that these pieces were created with colored pencils! You must have immense patience, Matt!

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*eyes bugg out and mouth hangs open*

ummmm...WOW!! i....uh...that's really good.

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simply beautiful... words fail me...

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Ah!..just superb...

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Beautiful, Matt! sensational colour pencil work, love the composition of this one! you have a marvellously detailed style!

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Once again the detailing in the wings and hair are amazing!!!

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Absolutely gorgoes.

Art at its best.