Arachne by matthughes


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Added: Feb 17, 2004
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Once a beautiful Lydian maiden, Arachne challenged the goddess, Athena, to a test of skill. Arachne felt confident that she could weave as beautiful a tapestry as the goddess herself. Her confidence was well placed. Athena, however, became enraged with Arachne's ability to match even the gods and lashed out at Arachne humiliating her in front of the entire town. Arachne was so ashamed by this that she attempted to commit suicide. Seeing the pain she had caused this poor girl, Athena saved Arachne just before her attempt was successful and turned her into a beautiful spider, destined to carry out eternity weaving her web.

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Actually, Arachne was not punished so much for being more skilled than Athena, but because the scene of her tapestry made fun of the gods.
Anyway, great picture. I like the hair turning into a web

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That's colored pencil?!? Your ability with colored pencils is obviously as impressive as the piece itself.

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im am totaly overwhelmed by you talent! you convey so much emotion in all your pieces that it hard to believe its drawn by hand let alone with coloured pencil! you are a true master of this medium! how do you get so many different shades and tones! i love all of your artwork especially orphelia, kindred and this piece! ^_^ *bows down to matt's huge talent* cant wait to see some new pieces from you on here - pixie

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this is just increadable!! absolutely fantastic work!

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sorry that i missed your gallery so long - man you do mindblowing art - you really deserve all succsess on earth - my hats up to you...

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You just made my week!! Thanks (blushing).

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I'd just like to say that your work is truly amazing. It's more than that, but I highly doubt there is a word in any language that can convey the level of... amazingness you have. I'd like to be a writer one day, and I hope to do my own cover art (unless, of course, I can come across you one day and manage to get you to do it for me) and you have inspired me to get back to my practice.
I just... wow. I really can't say enough how much a love your art. About as much as I love the writings of Christopher Pike, and that's saying a lot. I'm obsessed with his books, and I believe I've found a new obsession. Anyway, I'll stop pouring my heart out. But, by the way, you're rather attractive. >.>;; Just thought I'd throw that in there. ^.^ I wish you the best in all that you do.

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I'm really honored to be making a comment on this fantastic artwork! I bow in reverence in your shadow! Congratulations on Spectrum 10!!

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This is very hot & I love the dark feeling of this picture. You are a incredible artist. Colleen

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colored pencil !!!!!! incredible, great piece

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Wow. Very good! Congratulations

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I was just looking at this in Spectrum. Outstanding work Matt!

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I like it. ¿it's really colored pencil?

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Hi, Matt! I've got this one (and kindred) in my copy of the 'Spectrum 10' book! great to see it here! it is simply sensational!

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wow..very interesting painting. Love the tales of the greek gods....God Job Matt

Art at its best.