La Contemplation d'Eté (The Contemplation of Summer) by matthughes

La Contemplation d'Eté (The Contemplation of Summer)

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Added: Apr 10, 2005
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Colored Pencil Oil Paint. 22" x 28"

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mermaid1's picture

Matt, to repay your kindness to me, a note to let you know this is one of my favorites of yours. Your art is always exquisite. The colors are just perfect. I love your art.

eliklein's picture

Awesome colors, I like art that is actually enjoyable to look at instead of bland mishmash and this piece is stunning.

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i'll assume you're frech :
Si vous dites "la Contemplation d'Été" la traduction serai plutot "The Summer Contemplation" car "The Contemplation of Summer" veut plutot dire "La Contemplation de l'Été" à mon goût tout du moins ...

*Color purfect [lovely flowers]
*Anatomy purfect [very uneasy position to draw]
*Idea excellent

if you're not french just toss away what i've said... ^_^

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cmlovell's picture

What I was nearly finished saying is that the greens down the bottom add a beautiful constast to the oranges and the pinks in the rest of the image!

j-art's picture

As soon as someone says beautiful in future, I’m sure I will have this picture in mind! Matt you are for sure a stand out artist! And as Rita said – a tutorial would be great Smile – I know from another comment on your pieces that you once said “as soon as you know what you are doing, there will maybe be a tutorial”. Now, I think you know very well what you do, cause your art is really masterfully done! It is always such a joy to look at your work, thanks for posting!

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Damn near perfect!

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truely great work, great light and color.

illustrus's picture

Again, we are all blessed with your creation. Thanks for the view. It is worthy of all the praise.

fortryllelse's picture

Just beautiful! I love the way youve emphasized her red hair with the cooler tones in the flowers and foliage.

matthughes's picture

Thank you so much Keri! I enjoy your fairy work as well!

matthughes's picture

Thanks Rita! You are always so kind Wink

soulofafairy's picture

I am sitting here in complete awe! I had no idea color pencil could even look like this! WOW!!! I am truly floored! Your work is proof of a genuine gift from some other realm. You are indeed BLESSED! Magnificent!

rita's picture

Matt, this is again OUTSTANDING. Your colors are so vibrant - but still very balanced. I think many people will agree, if I ask for a tutorial - PLEASE

cmlovell's picture

I am always amazed by your colour works Matt, this is dazzling. I think the piece that jumps out at me the most in this work is the beautiful attention to detail you have put in her hair and her robes.
Her hair isn't rendered realistically but it still works so well, almost like her hair is part of the robes.
Your mix of colours is also stunning, the greens down

Art at its best.