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Personal Goddess

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 15, 2004
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Artwork Description

I rarely ever do anything Anime. But, this was just something fun I really wanted to do. She doesn't have those ugly bug eyes. I modeled her from the Macross Plus charecter designs, but with more structure to it.

It's hand drawn, but digitally colored. I worked on this since early summer. I based the colors on a painting refference, and used mostly grey tones, then to make the highlights stand out I used more bright colors. It's a combination of that modern Comicbook coloring look, and classical painting.

I didn't use any dodge or burn tools. It's pure color.

Explaination of the Figure:
In Chinese art, you should NEVER show the feet of the female. that is taboo.
She's holding what is called a "Ru Yi". It means the equivellent of "As you Wish". There are many meanings of this, bothing magically, and to sybollickly hold one, of give/recieve one. Being that this is a goddes, it's more magical. So, whatever she wishes or wills it can become or do.

On her forehead is the charecter "Wang" (the "a" like in "taco" not "sang") which means "King", and it's my name. Wink This symbol is found on the forehead of all tigers, and is somewhat auspicious.
She stands/rides a cloud. This is typical of imortals/sages/gods in Chinese mythology.
Also, within the Classic mythical Chinese epics, they often mension the auspicious mists, vapors, and colors. The gods themselves should be a kind of brilliant and blinding colorful being, of etherreal magesty. I toned it down here,for Epilougue, tho'.

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I love this piece of art, but I find it kind of hard to believe that this is the first Anime picture that you've done.

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I can tell this is your personal goddess cos it looks just like you!^,^

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WOW! That is awesome. I love the colors and the way it is drawn is simply great. Keep it up. Your really good

Art at its best.