Emissary of Despair by rkpost

Emissary of Despair

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 24, 2004
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Generic monster that I had no description for....just 'winged' it.

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This is one of my favorite magic cards.

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I, like many others, play Magic: The Gathering, and I just wanted to say that I love your work. You're one of my favourite artists, and I enjoy browsing your site (I can't afford the book). Thanks for sharing your talent.

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In case anyone didn’t already realize from the other post (because they can’t read) and the many works that R.K. has published (because they’re slower than most) he is a big time, real, talented, famous, excellent artist.

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Hold on a moment. Don't you do art for magic the gathering coz i think thats a card isn't it? Either way very good piece and if you are that maigc the gathering artist then well done on all your other work too

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Please excuse the idiots who are stupid enough to think that you are copying someone's art. You can't blame them for being too dull to read. Anyone with enough brains to fill a teaspoon can see that this is great artwork.

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In response to the post below:

The reason this is from a MtG card, is because RK Post is the actual artist. Before posting that a particular artist is a fraud, why not verify the artist name on the card first? Just a thought, use it, don't use it..

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this picture came of a magic the gathiring trading card loser

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Where the perfection becomes beautiful… where beautiful becomes perfect… 7K - but I prefer the Unmask, it’s my favourite =)

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I love your art!
My boyfriend has a book which contains some of your illustrations and I was surprised to read your name here!!!

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I saw this great piece of artwork and then saw the name R.K Post! I love your artwork!

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Rk post u are one of the greatest artists from wotc. But J. Avon is a little better

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I have always enjoyed your character design. You were just featured as one of the artist to know in the little newsletter we pass around here in the illustration program at NIU. It is cool to see a graduate from our school successful in the field I will be shooting for in the next year.

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People really need to read the BOTTOM of the card before they assume they know the artist.... *sigh* I love your work man, seriously. You've just got this style that anyone can point out and just know . Before reading the page or the card your art is always the draw- even my non artist friends can take a glance and go "hey! look, an RK Post!!"
Good tidings to you, may the muses never cease to shine.

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Wow. Great atmosphere and memorable character design (one of many- I can't stop going back to your webpage and being fascinated). It's too bad some people don't notice the actual artists of collectible card art, sometimes. At any rate, great to see you here!

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Love your art, have seen a lot of it on Magic cards, hope to see some more! Smile

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Hey, i used to play mtg, and have had you at the top of my fav artists ever since i started drawing. You are a true master of the arts. (o yea, shove it "from critic", look at it this way, its insane any way you look at it)ps, i havent been able to stop flipping through "postmortem" ever since i got it 3 months ago

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"Dude, you are such a fraud" I don´t know who wrote that but he(or she) has no idea of who you are Mr. Post, we all love your work, thanks for joining Epilogue and sorry about that ignorant commnet

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Dude, you are such a fraud. thats on a Magic The Gathering card picture from the mirrodin or darksteel edition (can't remember). if you want to rip other people's work and call it your own, go somewhere else, real artists are key to making a site like this great, not loser frauds

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So nice to see you and your work here, Randy! Beautiful work - Ed says 'hi' !

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RK Post! I love your work! Look forward to see more from you Smile

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great image! love the colors and textures!

.....and welcome to Epilogue! Laughing out loud

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Welcome aboard RK! Gorgeous work, it has so much life and dynamicism (that a word?).

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Welcome here RK!

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fantastic !!!

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A fabulous character - full of personality

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Wow - spectacular character design, and I love the way the character's pose contrasts with the background cross. Welcome to Epilogue!

Art at its best.