The Return of Arthur by waltonm

The Return of Arthur

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Added: Mar 13, 2004
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Like the others I've posted, a simple cut and paste digital collage.

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Thank you for the kind comments. Please email me at

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I may not be a member or an artist, but I feel that I owe you many, many thanks for this piece. I dearly love earth and neutral tones, and the fascinating reinterpretation enchants me.

I have had this work on my desktop since March, and I frequently find myself leaving my programs behind and staring into its depth. To each his own, perhaps. You know how some pieces just touch you more than they have any right to? This is one for me. I cannot explain it, but it and I have one wavelength. This is probably my favorite work on Epilogue.

Thank you.

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I can't see why some people don't consider this art. Art comes in MANY MANY forms, and collage is one of them. Using other peoples work, as long as it is cited, is absolutely fine! To me, it's taking one piece of beautiful artwork and combining it with many other pieces, to make another beautiful piece of art. I love this, as is with all the others!

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This is a very inspiring and beautifully compositioned piece.

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In otherwords drop it. Its art and its nice. Stop hoping that if you get his knocked off editors choice your crap will make it.

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I love doing collage myself, and a really good collage is difficult to execute.

I think you've done a superb job with this.

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My beef is not with collage as such, one of the best artists on epilogue is a collage Artist "Oliver Wetter", it`s with the content. If you visited my gallery there`s not one part of any of my pictures that could be copied and used without causing a copyright issue. If on the other hand we take this Artwork above, what`s stopping me from going to a public domain source using the same ship and pasting it in the same manner onto a picture I was creating..?
The point I`m making is: surely neither of us could own the whole copyright to our respected pictures...? and here at Epilogue this is fundamental requirement...

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I have a limited time that I am able to spend on the internet. However I have found time to look up your work and see the process that you have used to create this piece. I can see that a lot of work and skill has been used. I have seen a proccess similar to this used before but my point is this: The work done was created by the orginal artist! That is where the soul and the magic is! What you are doing is clever and skillfull but has no soul or magic in my humble opinion. Even if you do not know the orginal artist's name, he/she would most probably be horrified to see his/her work cut up. A collage made out of your own work would be so much better.

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I have posted a rough draft of an article for Artella. It demonstrates the major steps in constructing "The Return of Arthur." It is in PDF.

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Thank you for responding so quickly! I think we will have to agree to disagree, but I do accecpt that beauty in in the eye of the beholder. I think your works would perhaps cause less offence to us more sensitive souls if you named the artists in the titles so that no confusion is made that the actual art is their's and not yours, as reading some of the comments made by other users makes me think that some people think that this is your own work used in this collage. Not everyone is knowledgable as you in the history of art and might not realise that you are perhaps showing a well known piece.

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I'm sorry ...I don't mean to be rude, but why would you want to use other artist's work in this way? I just cannot understand the artistic element here. An artist's heart and soul goes into his/her work and to see it cut up like this must be...surely must be morally wrong! (forget copyright laws etc. I'm quite sure you're an expert in that field). Yes I can see that you have an eye for composition...but please do it to your own work and not destroy the legacy that these artists have left behind. This is an honest comment from the heart. Please respond!

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The legends of king Arthur are my most favourite ever since I was a boy, I've got loads of books and illustrations of those enchanting tales! I'd love to see you publish this beautiful work, Walton, so I could add it to my ever growing collection! the atmosphere of majesty and magic is completely captivating! totally breathtaking!

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Excellent work Walton, this must have taken an age to complete, - hardly "simple". Top quality work.

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Just splendid! Leaves me speachless...

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I am impressed with the effort it took to make this look so seamless. very impressive.

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I am very disappointed with the level of some of the comments on this picture--very unprofessional. You may not like this picture, or the way it's been made, but there are constructive ways of expressing your displeasure, and then there's, you know, complete garbage. Epilogue doesn't encourage the latter.

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I think your work is very cool - I love your reinterpretation and recontextualization of your sources. Since you acknowlege that it is collage, I don't understand the hullabaloo. However, on your older images, collage is not mentioned--should it be? cheers

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I think this sucks, and wtf? an Editors Pick? Can't you guys see works from Dore and Duhrer in there?

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Well deserved editor's pick. It's so well done.

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Ok... so that boat in the foreground was created by you?...if not don`t you think you should cedit the artist that did create this wonderful image...?

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This image was made with 19 separate pieces, many hand drawn, almost twice that many layers, 60+ hours of work . . . I'll concede it's easy and slap dash. A thousand pardons.

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"Like the others I've posted, a simple cut and paste digital collage"....So which part did you create...?
Making this an Editor`s Choice is a slap in the face of every hard working artist on this site....So from now on we can just cut and paste from Michelangelo,Durer,Leonardo,Courbet and Rembrandt, slap a copyright notice on and call it your own Work...!

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Beautifull piece of art that is walton!stunning details and really appreciate the duotoned nature of the piece.Great work!

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This is a cut and paste collage? Wow! This is so well done, superb job!

Art at its best.