Taking the Waters by waltonm

Taking the Waters

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Added: Jun 09, 2004
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A digital collage--anonymous pieces from 1870-1890, taken from Scientific American, The Aldine, Art Journal, Picturesque Europe, Picturesque America. The original is 22 X 28 inches.

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This image is amazing! The lines are very sharp . I am reminded of the sharp lines of the etchings of Piranesi .... Jay at mudstones2@aol.com

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I think one can easily put the question of perspective aside for this piece of art. A collage is hard to make perfect, in fact, impossible! I absolutely love this piece. I think it is amazing!

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I must complement you Walton, on your ability to list all of the different constructs of perspective that you are able to recount, but to bastartize all of them in one picture is quite a feat...

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I think this looks pretty amazing, perspective notwithstanding. Great work!

waltonm's picture

I would like very much to have the perspective question cleared up for me: but what is the system de jour? Are you speaking about linear perspective with single or multiple vanishing points, variants by degree—geometric, mathematical, Renaissance/scientific—or, perhaps, inverted (Byzantine), aerial, parallel, or optical perspectives? There’s axonometric—or it’s similar in China, “dengjizo toushi?” There’s overlapping perspective, which, when combined with foreshortening, you have “herringbone perspective” (Greece and Rome of long ago), or are you speaking of conceptual perspective? The Chinese system also included multiple perspectives; they often used multiple view points as did Cezanne: ie the perspective is correct for specific objects when viewed from specific and unique view points. Manet curved and played with the horizon line, as well as often eliminating or minimizing the middle ground. So, where is it that I have fallen short?

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sarcasm is lost on some Terry

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Yeah, the perspective isn't accurate, but knowing this is a collage...it all makes sense. Collage generally does not strive for realism; it is a fabrication, a combination of textures and images, where composition and flow are more important than perspective and anatomical accuracy. I debate as to whether the resource material is truly 'anonymous', but you are a skilled craftsman in the art of re-combination....

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I agree with Terry A. Ernest about the perspective however i would guess that it was deliberate for this piece and in this case works really well. All peices work together well and due to the skew perspective it draw the eyes in and you then discover more and more details, each time you look at it you notice more, I am a fan of this type of work, I look forward to seeing more, great job

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your plane perspective is all wrong Walton!...

Art at its best.