The Buffafloat by choughton

The Buffafloat

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 11, 2005
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A descendant of the long-extinct bison that feeds upon the lilipad-like hydrop plant. The buffafloat, bobbing along since birth, has adapted to store the hydrogen from the hydrop plants in gas bladders under it's hide. Although it can use it's modified split-hoof fins to do some minor navigation, the buffafloat is a gentle creature, and it drifts along with the hydrop pastures. It's adapted a beard particuarly suited to the entanglement of hydrops. It feeds off the trapped plants in it's beard throughout the day.

Painter IX w/ traditional pencils

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I could praise this mastrpiece all day but one simple word would be astonishing! You have an incredible mind PLEASE kepp up the fantasic works!

forestrogers's picture

Oh -- I love him! I feel the urge to start
a preservation society for them...

oolong's picture

This is killin' me!

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What a wonderfully imaginative piece!

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Clearly the buffafloat uses similar propulsion methodology to the fschz, which can't be a bad thing. Talking of eating plants trapped in its beard - I knew a guy at work who did the same thing (although he remained earthbound). Nice job.

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Gyaaaagh!!! What is it!?! I'm sorry, but I find this hilarious, but yes, brilliantly original as well.

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Hmm... Fun, original and well painted... great pic! Laughing out loud

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Ha such an original and intriguing idea, Craig! beautifuly realised!

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I love that idea Craig, and so nicely done. Thanks for showing us also the hydrop plants Smile

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A buffafloat!. What an original concept Laughing out loud. Nicely illustrated aswell. excellent work on this!.

Art at its best.