Death Cult of Neptune by jeffdurham

Death Cult of Neptune

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 12, 2004
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Artwork Description

Another faux sci-fi paperback cover. Daring woman adventurer battling nasty nautilus kind of thing beneath the surface waves of Neptune!

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jeffdurham's picture

I have two more nearing completion. I appreciate the encouraging comments! I'll get back to work now.

Guest's picture

You've got your action scenes down! Composition, colour, everything - just perfect!! I hope that you update your gallery beyond these four pictures because I love your work.

jeffdurham's picture

They certainly did!

christar's picture

Love it! Bring it back man! Bring back that old awesome Pulp art! Those were the days when artists had classical training in their backgrounds, they knew what they were doing!

jeffdurham's picture

I struggled with that beast quite a bit, and half-way through I almost wiped him out! He looked a bit goofy until I put the cat-eye on him.

jeffdurham's picture

Keeping everything blue-ish was a challenge and felt a little restrictive, but I'm generally happy with the overall effect.

jeffdurham's picture

Can't you see that it is clearly a... a... jeez, what IS that thing? OK. You're right. I guess it does look a bit weird, doesn't it? I'll update this in a week or two. Good point! Grr.

hauntess's picture

awesome creature! I really enjoyed that!

Guest's picture

I agree with the last post about the dynamism you've achieved with the diver and sea creature. However I think that placing whatever that is in the bottom right of the picture flat on to the view was a mistake. It just looks odd to me, more like a graphic symbol than an element in the scene.

somerset's picture

Brilliant, Jeff! the underwater effect is excellent, great dramatic movement from your characters, and really cool colours! wow!

Art at its best.