Hathor - Great Earth Mother Goddess by gorgeous-art

Hathor - Great Earth Mother Goddess
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Added: Mar 06, 2004
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Artwork Description

Hathor was the Egyptian goddess who protected women, newborns, and was thought of as the nurturing mother of the earth. She fed the earth with milk from her breasts. In some renditions she is pictured as a cow.

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This is beautiful artwork. It's very creative and the picture represents her image very well.

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Give me love beauty and sex every day and night. Do me very happy. Robert

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This is so richly elegant! Hathor is beautiful. Her eyes are so kind and intelligent. I love the composition of this piece and the subtle blending and colour scheme of the sky complementing the goddess' hair and face. I love your work! I love the Egyptian theme also. Wonderful.

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Why not creating a piece with a massive phallus, and a river flowing from it to help in complimenting this work? I think it would be an impressive display.

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I love it, this a very stunning piece!

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The entire picture is beautiful, but, for some reason, I love the little iridescant green beatle the most. It's a wonderful contrast to the lovely flowers and something I wasn't expecting. ^^

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So origanal, it's breathtaking.
The idea is very cool and the egyption thing is awsome, ya don't see alot of it aroung. keep it up.

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I love your work, especially since most of the pics are egyptian based..keep up the awsome, awsome work!

Art at its best.