The Spiral Island (Detail) by woodroffe

The Spiral Island (Detail)

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 08, 2004
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A detail of a painting produced for an exhibition at Gruyeres, Switzerland entitled "Le nef des fous" (Ship of Fools).

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kirsten413's picture

I'm happy to discover a great painter!

soni's picture

Good god almighty! I am (almost) speechless! I remember falling in love with your Mythopoeikon many years ago - and didn't you also work on the Never Ending Story? (My favouritest film as a child) I even did a presentation on your work when I was at art college!
I'm stunned and overjoyed to find you here!
I think I need tea now.

wolfvayne's picture

Patrick!!! My family and I have been such a HUGE fan of yours for years and years and years - you are a complete inspiration not only to me and my art, but anyone I've shown your work to. As an aside - I bought one of your books a few years ago, only to have it stolen :[ Something I've regretted sorely ever since - we went to so much trouble to find it; eventually finding it second hand in America (I'm Irish). Phew.anyway. Beautiful piece - those clouds are delicious!!

sleetwealth's picture

Pleasant surprise to see you here!
I love your work and have in my collection of books "pastures in the sky" Eventually Id like to own all the rest because I can truely get lost in the small quaint details that you capture.These resemble the same worlds I go to in my dreams!
I have always wondered where one could purchase the worlds most beautiful tarot commissione

Guest's picture

So N.C. Wyeth. So beautiful.

sdeanbloom's picture

WOW! Stunning is right! What an interesting style you have here!

sabugo's picture

Oh my God, is the teacher! I am admiring your always. Your you are one of my favorite authors, and of them, I believe that the most original. I don't have words... What illusion! But if I made a work of you in the university! T_T

caitmf1's picture

hey pâtrick; im glad that you became a illustrator becaues you inspired me and my fellow artistic friends through school; ive loved the attention to detail and ur personal distinctive style

mattdixon's picture
tonyhough's picture

I want to go there!
I asked a mutual aquaintance (SJ) to pass on the message that you are my favourite artist ever. If he forgot, I'm doing it now!

thrax-1's picture

a stunning image.Best of all though are those wonderfull clouds,lovely mixture of form,texture and colour for them.Awesome work

swisnie's picture

Patrick, this is absolutely incredible! The colors and water are great. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Guest's picture

Beautiful piece - the colors are lovely and the sky is sublime. Thanks for sharing!

goddessart's picture

This is simply beautiful. I'd love to see a larger image of this!

Art at its best.