Techno-Flower by graphite


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Added: Mar 11, 2004
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Techno-Flower: can technological beauty grow on the ruins of the dying nature? Are they two forms of existence excluding each other? And which one is more alive?

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I like the theme of this picture, dealing with human technology vs organic life. I also like the way you showed the shriveled, forgetten 'real' flower lying in the corner dying or something. I could go way into this subject, but basically I think that people are a fallen race, and that technology is the fruit of their seperation from what they were really supposed to be. The more poeple 'progress', the further from the real (natural) world they become, and end up destroying it more and more until they will soon cause their own suicide, along with everything else.
But I like science-fiction stories, though I just hate real-life problems it causes. Anyway, nice picture!

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Many interesting themes are brought up when you get into defining 'nature'. It often stops at 'man' but when you step back far enough, when you get into "deep ecology", we are very VERY much a part of this system and perhaps should not be considered separate. There have been many species before us to evolve out of this system that did not fit into ths system that gave birth to and sustained them. Others added something, or redefined 'nature' by becoming part of it. Which are we doing? Which aren't we

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I do hope it, too. Well, all we can do is draw warning artwork. Watch your/our step!

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Wow, you really made the techno-flower look delicate.
Your technological themes are kinda scary.
I hope we humans don't become obsolete to machines.

Art at its best.