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Added: Sep 06, 2004
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Sometimes a mind can produce thoughts that are so dark and so dangerous that we get frightened with ourselves. Sometimes we fear that we secretly might like these ideas and then... An unknown side is unleashed that we cannot contain any longer.

I think this picture goes well with this

Done with oil paint.

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I Love your views on this picture. I do have thoughts like this, and they do scare me. Awsome!

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Brilliant work, Alex, inner turmoil is so very hard to convey graphically, I think you have achieved this extremely well....I recognise myself here!

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Your concept is very interesting as well as very accurate. About a year ago or so, I was experiencing the climax of such feelings. I noticed that this type of feeling is often a reaction to a troubling or angering or disappointing experience. Such was the case in my situation. I also noticed that by recognizing such feelings within ourselves, it is somewhat of a relief after keeping our feelings hidden away deep inside for so long.

Someone I knew once told me of an experience of his, where he had been taken advantage of for too long and had already suffered some terrible hardships at a very early age, and at a particular point, which he recalled for me very vividly, he unleashed his anger to his perpetrators, and saw a side of himself which he did not know existed. It was even frightening to me to see him speak of his actions.

Your passage illustrates this idea very clearly, and your picture reminds me very much of how the person I just referenced looked as he recounted his experience. I have found myself looking and feeling that way, too. Your piece is obviously very well thought out. It is disturbing but as I said, very accurate and descriptive. The character in the picture looks very disturbed himself. The lighting is fantastic and your attention to shadowing as well as to the point from which your character is being viewed are very well done.

I hope to see more of your work. Your other piece and passage are very interesting as well.

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Thank you so much, u hit the nail right on the head with your reasoning, i've struggle with that very issue, most of my teenage years, and now having just passed them its great to know i wasn't alone in those thoughts

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Nice work. I like the effects of the lighting, and I also like the way you've made your subject look so deep in thought. As for the passage, that's an interesting concept. I'm afraid to consider what your subject is thinking about. Awesome.

Art at its best.