Only a Child by belbe

Only a Child

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Added: Mar 20, 2004
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"were my parents killed? was I abandoned? have I parents?
am I a merfolk, an elf, both or neither?
do I care about these things?... curiosity does inhabit my spirit, but I truly care of nothing but honoring thee who believe in me. They... She pays it no significance... nor will I."

... and Scáthach IS honoring her Godess more than she could ever imagine. The truth is she's an over 2 thousand years old reborn ghoul, brought to life by the joint magic of water and forest twirling inside her beloved godess.

well, this is Scáthach, one of the side characters from my project "Unknown Depths" and my avatar as matter of fact ^^U

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It's gorgeous!

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this is my favorit piece since It's the first I've done with no references whatsoever that's come out this good, and also the first I've actually tried to do my best in coloring (I've only moved on from B&W a few months ago) PS: All hale photoshop and graphics' tablets wich let us feel what we're doing as though we had but an old chewed pencil and a rubber in our hands ^-^ ( I don't like "digital" art very much, I can't feel what I'm doing ^-^U)

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She is so pretty. Untamed, willing to do what she wants. Curiosity flowing throught her vains as if blood. Tis one of my Favroite peaces of work. word can describe. But i really ador your work & this pic. i like it so very much!!!

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This is striking!!!! Great rendering and great skills!

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I was browsing images and was immediately drawn to look at this particular picture. The colouring is so vivid and the way you use what seems to be mist and actually has talons and claws in the midst is astonishing. Beautifully done.

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Really awesome...nice work, I like the concept .... Anita, you are very talented , keep up the good work

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I like it. It shows that everyone has an inner demon, even if you are 'only a child.'

Art at its best.