Death & Dark - A Match Made In Heaven by greensat

Death & Dark - A Match Made In Heaven

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Added: Apr 04, 2004
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Azrael, the Angel of Death, & Joan Dark (Jeanne d'Arc or Joan of Arc) are old friends. She sent Azrael the better part of the English Army...the English sent him 'Joan.'
Her uniform is loosely based on the Catholic Girl uniforms from my High School days. The "bad" girls would roll their skirts at the waist to show a little more leg...the nuns would carry rulers, have the girls kneel in the hall and measure for no more than 2 inches between the floor and the hem. They would also leave the bottom 3 buttons of their blouses undone to be provocative.
The scene is done in a stained glass fashion...representative of the many days/years spent in church during my Catholic upbringing.

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Don't know about the other comments, but I really like the idea, and think that the pic is great Smile I like the style to Smile

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I love it, and I love the concept too, but then I'm not religious at all, and see nothing wrong with portraying the female form as something beautiful and desirable.

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I can see the stained glass influence in the rocks and the clouds. I think the wings are well done.

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Supergirl shows a lot more cleavage...Wonder Woman doesn't even wear a skirt. Do they look like sluts? I'm afraid you misunderstand the concept here. Joan's been reincarnated as a Super Heroine to fight crimes against God and Mankind. She and Azreal will be working together in a new comic book series (I Hope).

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Why does she look like such a slut?! Joan of Arc had to pass as a man in that get up...sure...

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HAH!!! First postee am I! O yah.. anyway. Don't understand this. I gt the overall message though -- baddee angel. SUCH a flirt. HUH. Well done. I don't really like, dats ok.

Art at its best.