The three Fates by kisho

The three Fates

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Added: Mar 29, 2004
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In my photography Appreciation class I’m doing a final project surrounding photographs of my self in the form of an ABC book. Each letter representing a Greek myth character, and drawn from a photo of my self…so in a way all of this series is a self portrait.

This is “F the three Fates, Clotho Lachesis,and Atropos.”
I don't know if any one knows a whole bunch about these three, so I'll tell you about them. The version I did this from is the theory that fate was three people in one person. One young, one middle aged and one old, each taking their turns over the body to do their duties.

Clotho is the youngest (birth), she spins the thread. Lachesis is the middle aged, and places the threads. Atropos, the oldest, cuts the thread (death).

When I did her I kept picturing her as an all knowing person...who automatically did her duties with out no emotion. I was stuck on how to express that, but the idea of a machine came to mind and well the three hands doing their work.

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hi..super blog

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lov everything about it. simple as that. its great. the hands and her eyes are wonderful. the shadding and just everything make me full of wonder. love it and keep it up. ^_^ peace


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It's new, it's fresh and young.
Thank you.

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What a great idea you had for this piece! And how wonderfully you painted. Congratulations!

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What a great imagination and this is so well rendered. The way the thread of Life entertwines in her fingers. Great job.

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the lips are wonderful! you´re very good!

ja ne , me chan

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WOW! this is splendid, you have great imagination!

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super buena la fotografia!!quizas no entiendas poq escribo en español pero queria felicitarte por lo que quieres expresar en la imagen esta bakan!

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You made it ^_^ (it's bad-kitty5)

The image is just amazing!!!

hope to see more of your images here Smile

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love this piece, beautiful !!

Art at its best.