Queen, hera by kisho

Queen, hera

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Added: Mar 29, 2004
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Hera, who walks in golden sandals, is the Queen of Heaven, always a virgin, for she recovers her maidenhood every year by bathing in a spring called Canathus.

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i like her expression and the shading. her hair is beautiful and i love her lips.


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realy, is beatifull! I love it...

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Finally I see a picture of Hera in which she is REALLY portraied beautifully. You achieved it!

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This picture is beautiful! I love her hair, too

Weren't Zues and Hera brother and sister, too...and Hera didn't want to become his wife but he tricked her.

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WOW..I always see great art work but this picture just stunned me. HEr eyes look like she has this whole story to tell....I mean I think I can wrtie a book about it...so weird..but soo awesome..keep up the great work..God Bless

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i just adore greek mythology, this is a great refreshment.

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What a beautiful, striking portrait! I'd be tempted to try to make her happy, even though she's 'way too young for me, and probably has too many other options.

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Wow... I love your style. The way you decorated the hair is really cool.

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Great pic of Hera, best one I've seen.

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A truly beautiful picture of Hera - I love the perspective and the way in which you have arranged her hair - wonderful colors too...

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hahaha...well ^^ it's said that Eros (cupid/love) liked to play many tricks with zues’s heart.. aka...they didn’t like each other much and argued a lot.
my take? Heaven forbid it was his own lusty all powerful fault, that and eternity is a long time to spend with only one person.Varity?

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Which poses the question what was Zeuses problem anyway?

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Wow...that's absolutely beautiful!
*stares at picture*

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Very nice,i love it.

Art at its best.