Sweet Kinto by kisho

Sweet Kinto

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Added: Mar 31, 2004
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This is my character kinto, he's a healer/seer. His powers comming from his own fears of being loved. I have another version of this with the dragon representing that, but it still needs some work before i can post it here.

The tattoo on his chest means ((I hope))1) hero; gentleman; warrior; manly person; (2) good health; robustness; strong; solid; durable.

that's enough....any other questions bout him ...please ask ^^

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#1. Your work is truley amazing. you have a pure talent for drawing a perfect male specimen. #2. I wasn't sure but I noticed how all your colors are a scale of tan to creme/green and the only color to truley stand out is his shirt. Does this have some significance? or is it just the way you did it?

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This drawing is amazing. So he fears being loved eh? I hear ya mate, you ain't the only one...

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I'm right behind you, girl! I've been a *ehem* budding artist for as long as I can remember- it's only just been since the end of last year that I've tried out CG. Maybe if I end up posting some work here, I'll call you around and you can check out my sorry attempt at art. Anyhoo...your picture's cool! Do members on this site get to vote for each other's work? Meh, well, I'd vote for sure! This is the girl from Oz, cya later! Keep it up, okies? ^_^

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it'S so wonderful you have the wish to touch him *.*
very good work!

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That is very beautiful!I hope to be that good at drawing one day!^_^

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ah...truthfully im still working on that part about him. i have pretty much everything maped out for him...cept that small part *laughs*

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how did he get the scar?

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this is absolutely gorgeous! it would be great to see more from you, too! I just can't stop staring at him...

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Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. ^-^ I couldn't possibly get as good as that if my life depended on it! I love it! He's a bishounen, too ~_^

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Great picture!

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well...*laughs a little* I draw at least 3 to 9 hours a day, it’s become my life out side of school and work. I use to take art classes in high school, but I never toke it seriously tell my art teacher pushed me to be in her A.P. Art class my senior year....and surprisingly won First place in the High school’s Art show (where everyone in the school shows all the work done that year). It kinda sucked though cause I was running a fever of 102 with pneumonia...I remember crying cause I couldn’t be there. But it’s only been about a year when I started to CG...and about 4 months ago when I finally got my tablet (before I use to cg with my mouse).

Now im just babbling >.>...thank you

would would be surprised how much a year and a half can make a difference in art skill ^^ you keep at it!

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You must be joking! I can´t believe that you only draw 3 years that is only one and a half year more than the time I needed to draw like I draw now and my pictures are not good!
look: http://animexx.4players.de/fanarts/fanart.php4?id=270700&sort=zeichner
that´s one of my pictures , it´s on a german site so look only at the picture.

ja ne , me chan

Art at its best.