Mid Day Nap by kisho

Mid Day Nap

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Added: Apr 03, 2004
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This is my Characters Kisho and Ryohi, The story for these two have changed so much in my life *laughs* I'm sure that every one has this day dream of a story plot beginning from when they were younger. These two are from mine. I’ll try and explain this as best as I can here....
The story is set in the Future, a set on time where every thing in the way we live is on the verge of drastically changing, just needing that extra push. A self-proclaimed scientist is arrested for dabbling in cloning experiments, importation of illegal supplies, and the suspicion of unnatural deaths of roughly 20 people, all in the span of 6 years. All the notes, journals, and data were collected as evidence and eventually lost in the system. The scientists two children placed together with their aunt (a gypsy of a woman that never stays in one place for more than 3 months) and her younger son.
My story takes place roughly 15 years later where the scientists life’s works is recovered and realized for the better of the world, but all attempts to re enact the experiments have been a failure. The two key elements are missing, and are slowly being tracked down with their only clue, a symbol of a partial cross and half circle.

Kisho is sweet, mild-mannered, and loving, and values friendships a lot. No question a perfectionists, who drives hard in a quest for achieving the goals He has set for himself...although he lacks the ability in telling people what he 'thinks', he is a great listener. He shies away from conflicts, and tends to focus on the way that the conflict makes him feel, he more than likely doesn’t really care whether or not he might be wrong or right.... it even makes him seem damn right irrational and illogical in conflict situations. (The red hair guy)

Ryo on the other hand is almost the complete opposite. He has a keen sense of right and wrong, even more so when it’s in his interest. He’s vary punctual, and gives the impression of being ‘afar’ and even cold. Expression of emotions is not something he does all to well with. He’s easily frustrated by his brother’s inconsistence lack of self motivation and commitments. His thinking soulfully lies on facts and his determination in achieving his goals. (Long white hair)

This drawing toke a hefty amount of time for me too do...close to 15-20 hours. I used programs like Oc to actually draw, and Paint shop pro 7 to add my touch ups. The position the two are lying in, is in a way, symbolizing their opposites (ying and yang).

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gay? They look like fags to me.

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You asked Lewis Carroll if he? Knew any writers and I do know one. She's very good and would probably be more than willing to help you out. Her email is blackmustang_3@hotmail.com you can tell her you were recommended by ooies.

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Your men are pretty all right, a little girly pretty lol XD they look really girlish so I thought they were until I read your comment maybe you should try not making them so... pretty and focus on more masculine features?

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They look so comfortable, so peaceful.....

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*looks on the picture like if enchanted*

only 20 hours? For so short time and make this picture? That´s great.

Go, go, go, go!

Good luck,


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well...i wouldn't go as far as calling my self a genius (although i am more than flattered). the problem is i just have idea's. i lack the ability, or should i say, the motivation to actually write the story...or even do a comic. *laughs* know any good writers, that would be willing to work with me...and not later steal my ideas or characters? i've known one to many artists that had that happen to them.

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You're a genius...you're so creative, and your work so easily and obviously tells how well you know what your doing and how it all draws into one specific...for lack of a better word at this hour in the night...thing. Ying and yang...the perfect explaination for the both of them. It explains the position, the coloring, their personalities. I b

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I really like the feel of this. I really get the feeling of a hardwood floor and afternoon light. It reminds me of the spot and time of day my cat likes to nap Smile

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thi is so beautiful!!! you do really hot mens....

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Oh... pretty boys. *sigh* I'm just a sucker for pretty boys. But you have a wonderful picture here. Love the lighting and the mood. Gorgeous gorgeous rendering.

Art at its best.