Artificially tempting by kisho

Artificially tempting

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Added: Apr 08, 2004
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i don't have all that much about him but i can tell what i have in mind.
this is my character azriel, named after the angel of death by his creator...he's evolved a bit over a year *sweat drop* as well as many of my characters...but this is my new idea for his wings. i made him a little more childish looking, and a bit more pale to match his unearthliness, well mostly. the title "Artificially tempting" explains how beautiful he is artificially...also a metaphor for how beautiful he is on the outside, but ugly on the 'inside', part of this comes from his creator spending all his energy in making him beautiful and so little dedicated to anything else. typically he's my bad boi...usually he smokes but people don't like to see that much *laughs* so i left it out this time...reason for his smoking? Glade you all asked...originally he was created with a voice to sing with but that didn’t work out so well, and now he smokes in hopes to dampen the talent.
oh...and his 3 years old ^^

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he looks fairly female. but i think all beautifull males do... nice work

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There is something about this painting that is haunting and somewhat disturbing in its very beauty.

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Awesomeness! You should get an award for the sexyness of this drawing. It's very inspirering for me too Wink

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Your style reminded me of something, but I couldn't put my finger on it, until I read your profile and found out that you like Alichino (artistically one of the most brilliant mangas I've ever seen). The influence is certainly there.

I love how the balance in this drawing works: the very detailed wings suit the less detailed figure and background nicely. And the atmosphere is simply beautiful. You chose a potentially problematic angle too, and yet managed to keep everything in proportion and perspective. Bravo.

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hello1 i love your work...please visit my photoblog.. and congratulations

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I don't know how to describe him, he's like no other boy I have ever seen before.I guess my mind is confused because he looks like a bad boy, but he's an angel. I don't know, I think he's really hot!
I love the story you have behind him. I'm rammbling, but anyway, I'ts all very good and I love your work

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I like this image a lot Smile, especially as it has a story - interesting.

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just amazing. this pic. takes my breath away. keep up the good work because you really hav a true talent. you should b proud, this is now one of my favorite pics. eva.

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you are amazingly accurate...i wonder if you know that...

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Gratulations, it's great!

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ahaha...that doesn't happen...for me. i usally have an idea of what they look like, but my minds picture and the one that gets on paper (or computer in this case) is different.

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what do I study? ah...well I’m mostly self taught in computer graphics, but I’m going to a community college right now for a visual arts associates. as soon as I get that I’m planning on leaving home for either Maine college of art or Maryland's, maybe even Boston. I want to do something in illustration, but...blah...I don't know what I want to do with my life yet. art, right now, is mostly my hobby and in and out of class assignments...that usually don't challenge me enough...and I find boring.

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Wowwwwww.... Hello my name's miguel angel I am from mexico, this is so amazing, you are a genious, the way you give life to this caracters, it's like they existed, I was lucky to find this site by accident, what do you study in order to do this? I'm wondering, this is so new for me, I would like to know more about your work, if you have other sites

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i like the story that's behind the the pic. and it must be great to be able to draw your characters axacly like you want them! it's VERY beautiful and ireally like your style

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Very Very Beautiful! I love the angle of the peice, and his wings! He's gorgeous Smile Awesome work

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Your work is simply beautiful. I love the colors and the lines. THis character is very cool, i hope to see more.

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wow nice work...I love fallen angels^_^

Art at its best.