Driven By My Memories by kisho

Driven By My Memories

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Added: Jun 11, 2004
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driven by my memories -

My life is burning before me
I can’t bare to watch.
I turn my back unable to leave what is behind me.
A ribbon entwines around my fingers
The one thing holding me together...
But threatens to tear me apart.
I have never looked ill on another’s soul till now...
I will be evermore driven by my memories.
My goals for life forever changed.
Strayed from its simple path of happiness.
More than just a life gone within a flick of a flame.
I will take the new path set before me with determination.---------

finally finished Rah-bop's contest piece..again congrats on winning.
any way this is Rah-bop's character Apsylus ((so ya copyrights to 'em no da))

Personality:Apsylus is from the Kori clan, a part of a race of mages that lives deep in a deciduous forest. He can perform in general any type of magic, both beneficial and harmfull. Currently he is trying to hunt down Ilos, the man who, several years ago, annihilated about half of his village and most of the Kori clan. The writing on his clothes says "vengeance" or "vendetta" in his native language.

Apsylus is very focused and determined, hard to dissuade once he sets his mind to something. He had a younger sister (5 years old) that he was very attached to. she was killed along with everyone else, and it's possibly because of her memory that he is so driven. His personality is icy. He takes a long time to warm up to people, if he ever does at all, and he rarely trusts people. He travels with Sho and Ele'ven, but otherwise he is the steriotypical "lone wolf."

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i love the color of this artwork i's very dark. Keep up the hard work!

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Hi Kish... Glad to see this here too! Smile I think the background is my favorite part. I almost want a little more light on the figure, but at the same time, the fact that he is overshadowed by his memory of disaster is portrayed so well with how you have it now. Very cool.

Art at its best.