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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 31, 2004
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I've recently started to draw a lot of inspiration from Jin Yong, a prominent wuxia writer of the 20th century. Blame it on my father, who was a big fan when he was a kid and passed his passion for the genre on to me. Youxia (and wuxia) were knight errants of the ancient Chinese dynasties, romanticized by many writers as inhabitants of the Jiang Hu, the martial arts world. The clouds were done remniscent of the stylized ones in Chinese tapestry. Emphasis is to immerse the viewer in the environment rather than the man in the image by putting him in the shadows. (Also, if you're perceptive enough, the way the man folds his "robe" is also indicative of his character)

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Thanks, Jessey! I'm truly humbled that you came by to comment. There are so many people like you on Epilogue that I look up to...I've got such a long way to go before I can catch up with you folks.

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Thanks for taking the time to comment! I'm glad that the clouds are doing their job. I'm never too sure when something communicates to the viewer, so I appreciate that you've caught the spirit of the piece.

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Took a look at your gallery and you have an excellent style and form in your artworks. Great peices all together, you sense of mood and angles is truely inspiring.

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Great composition! The clouds give it a very nice sense of movement - it makes you follow the man's gaze and wonder what he's looking at. The highlights on the left of his face and along his arm are a particularly nice touch.

Art at its best.