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Added: Jun 24, 2004
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The invading army had sacked the city, indiscrimately killing its inhabitants. The survivors retreated into the large church, defending the women, children, and elderly from the repeated onslaught. Yet, manpower was low, and there were entrances that could not be simultaneously defended.

The morning assault caught the defenders by surprise, and it was taking considerable manpower allocated from other guard points to hold them back. No one noticed a company of armored men sneak their way around to the rear entrance except for a woman with flaming auburn hair. Leaving her defense point to the others, she made her way to the rear entrance, urged some children to help her block the doors from the inside, and made her way outside, knowing that the blocked doors could not possibly hold. She had arrive just in time, for fifty paces away at the bottom of the steps leading to the doors, the armored men came.

Gripping her sword with both hands (she had lost her shield in the fight she left), the woman watched as they came up the steps, the one in lead charging ahead. The woman saw him bringing up his shield and shifting his sword in a piercing move, and prepared to respond in kind with a diagonal slash to his neck.

She was a shield maiden, and today she would become the ultimate shield to protect her fellow people seeking sanctuary inside the church from the bloodthirsty blades of her enemies.
Photoshop 7.0, 3 layers, minimal reference on architecture

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Thanks! I checked your gallery, Saad, and I'm totally loving those 'scapes. And hopefully I will have time to improve, there are so many unsatisfactory things in the way my paintings come out, wish I could spend more time to..."weed" them out.

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Nice painting richard, the lighting and reflections especially are handled superbly; keep it up Smile

Art at its best.