Evolution by mistabob


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Added: Apr 07, 2004
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mejor de lo que se ve...

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appena l'ho visto sono rimasta folgorata. L'occhio è la parte essenziale,perchè,quando disegno,devo sentire che quello che faccio è vivo,cosciente. complimenti...

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Great great work of art eyes are one of my most drawn human parts and this has great reflection to the iris it makes the iris more detailed than ever. I love it it's great artwork.

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Wow, interesting art work.

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one word: CRAZY!

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wow! please tell me you did not paint that iris! its amazing! if you did it...respect man!....its just..wow..really...respect.

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it's breath-takeing...and way cool looks soo real and it's creepy

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Oh man!!!!! I'm just jealous
May the HRGiger be with you..
Laughing out loud

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Cotinue, mortal, we are pleased greatly by you.

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I actually had all the picture with about the same amount of detail for most of the process.

I then showed it to my Art Appreciation professor when I was nearly finished (or thought I was) and he suggested that I give the iris more detail than the rest of the image to help give it a focal point. So I spent a couple more hours just working on the iris alone, that's why it has a bit more detail. When the whole picture was equal in detail, it did look fairly cool, but didn't work too well as a stand-alone image being that there was nothing that "stood out" in your mind.

So, I guess you could say it was intentional. Tongue

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The eye is photograph quality! WOW! I think, though, that the rest of the picture should be photograph quality as well. It is great as it is, but i think it would blend better if you made the rest of the picture as detailied and clear as the eye.

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Very very nice pic. i love the detial.must have taken forever.

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I like this style. smells like Giger Smile

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Hehehe, talk about a play on words. Wink

Thanks for the comments. "Eye" appreciate them. Tongue

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Nice job Bob... keep up the good work, and EYE want to see more from you...

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What an eye! Very neatly done. I wonder if it's widened in terror? A very nice and interesting picture!

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Thanks! I appreciate your comment!!! And thank you for the welcome. Smile

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Wooo... Cool! Nice image, very realistic textures, and extremely creepy image! Great work! Welcome again!

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Thank you. Smile

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Well, it wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done (talk about an understatement Tongue ).
Anyway, thanks for the comment and the warm welcome. I appreciate it.

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I agree with Marley, that is one of the best renderings of an iris I've ever seen. The detail is amazing and the highlights are perfect.

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wow, this image is so cool, but the idea of this being evolution is a bit...creepy lol for lack of a better word, but anyway, the colouring is so well done, i love it, great job!

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well i tell you what ,the eye has lost none of its potency..(at this size lol)that is possibly one of the best iris's i have seen, a nice contrast to the surreal textures all around^^.

Welcome btw.

Art at its best.