Mechanist by grond


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Added: Oct 26, 2005
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...Once dwelled in the deep dungeons of Thraedornian dark caves of Edel'Nith, the Mechanist has discovered the ancient unerground castle that became it home and laborathory.

Full of mysterious and enigmatic machines, ancient statues and unbelivable treasures of the past Aeons, his home was always attractive to thieves and robbers.
However, keen and refined mind of Mechanist produced more traps and pits constantly filled with those who wanted to rob him that could be ever imagined.

Since the time he established his home in this lonely dungeon, many have attempted to tresspass into his lair. None of them returned. Instead, they found terrible exhausting demise either from the swords of golems, claws of gargoyles or poisonous gas filling chambers...

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Love his hands

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Awesome. Well done, especially the contrast between the fleshed out face and the skeletal hands. His little pets around the wall are interesting studies as well especially in the varying emotions you give each one. Now I want to know the story....

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Scary... and wonderful done

Art at its best.