Animal Medley by palegreen

Animal Medley

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Added: Jun 02, 2005
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A puzzle of animal and alien life.

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Iskandra's picture

Very beautiful, both in colors and composition!

Guest's picture

This is very cool, I like it a lot.

palegreen's picture

Oh my gosh, thank you very much Eli, for your wonderful words!!! Very encouraging to me.

eliklein's picture

Your work is incredible and this piece is beyond just about anything in the editors picks. When you scroll down the gallery of pictures your's stands out like a gold nugget in a rubbish heap. I'm not a painter and am experimenting now with acrylics because my gallery has told me that collectors like paint work better (I am colored pencil) , but I find I can't work with paint like pencils. Whenever I'm painting on the canvas the paint never blends smooth but is like picked up by the knit of the canvas and I can't get defined lines but you do it brilliantly. I am both impressed and inspired and I love your work. Your eyes and your colors are so well constructed, you are a true artist of the finest calibur. The best art carries with it an energy that it transfered to those who look upon it your work holds energy extremely well.

Guest's picture

it looks like it can contiune forever on ...

palegreen's picture

Thank you for the great compliments, Miriam =)! I think it's a bit Escher like too, although I didn't notice that until after I'd finished painting it. This painting is 6" x 8". A lot of my work is on the small side, but that may change Smile.

irrimiri's picture

Wow, I love this one!! Stunning use of colors, it's almost a bit Escher like, but so much a style of your own. I love it!! How big are your paintings?

palegreen's picture

Thank you, Marley =). It was like a visual crossword puzzle to find the appropriate creature for each space. I planned the colors out in advance, so there would be a nice balance.

thrax-1's picture

i like the shading. it's very smooth and all the figures and shapes gell really nicely with each other ^^. Colour is another strong feature aswell!. Fantastic

palegreen's picture

Thank you so much, Willow! I had fun with both the colors and shapes in this painting Smile.

willowdanaan's picture

If this were a poster, I would buy it!

Art at its best.