Character: Isabel Ordorica by aevarn

Character: Isabel Ordorica

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Eh.. I'm not good with english so it's a little bit.. but please comment and advised me. Thank you very much.

Isable was blind ever since she's borned, her mother ask a mage who was a lord of her town at that time to help her daughter. The Lord accept to help but on one condition that her daugter must work for him when she grow up. On the next day the lord grapped a light in the morning and put it in his sage then come to Isabel's house, he put light in her eyes and speak his spell on her. Isabel eyes become yellew bright but not glow, she's now could see even in the dark because her eyes have the light within but she will never see the star in the night and the beauty of the moon because the eyes of the sun. She's now being an adventurer training herself knows that the mage will soon come to take what he promised to.

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I thank you for your comment!! I just thanks!!

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You are pretty good with English, because i could sure understant your paragraph that explained the picture. This is one of the few pictures with a story behind it... I like it! It gives more meaning to the picture, and makes it more alive. Isabel's expression is really good, you can tell what she is feeling without even reading the intro! Nice job! Smile

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I thought I'd never see a comment anymore!! I rarely visited the site now. And now I see you comment... very encourage me!! Thanks!!

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Hi! Your picture is great. I can’t speak English well, but I could understand everything You wrote. I’d like to see more Your pictures in the future!;* e_miki

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I forget to think about the fact that the moon light come from the sun when I wrote it sorry, my fault, I just only use my imagination. Thank for telling!! Smile

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Oh - and just a stupid question: the light of the moon is just sunlight - only reflected - she may be able to see it, after knowing this? Wink ;)

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What a cute little story!!! Like the light in your painting!

Art at its best.