Duel of the Winds by matthewart

Duel of the Winds

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Added: May 06, 2004
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What fate will the next strike hold?

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in a long over due response to your Digital or traditional... I hope its ok if I just say: it doesn't matter. Traditional tools or digital tools. they're all just that... tools. What matters is to be willing to draw every night. To spend everyday learning your craft. To put in the years of hard work to neccassary to become a master. The computer won't make something look good. There is no such thing as a make it look good filter. Its the artist who makes a good illustration. I for instance studied fine art (yes real oils, acrylic, graphite, still life, figure) for over ten years... and I'm still no where near as good as I want to be... ya know. So just keep drawing. Art directors... colleges... they all want the same thing. Good Art, that fits there needs. best M@u

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U're art work is just wonderful
I wonder what u use to do a fine art

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You have a beautiful body of art, but I was wondering, does the fact that most of your work is digital make it less viable than a portfolio of mostly natural media works, like oils for instance?
I too have invested a lot of time in digital works of art, but wonder if maybe I should try to work on building a natural media portfolio instead. It seems that perhaps natural media works are more valid in the eyes of art directors or art teachers who are considering someone for a college scholarship etc.
I don't know why I feel that way, maybe it's because natural media works are more tangible since they are created in the physical world with unique physical materials, while digital works are created in cyberspace so to speak, and can be duplicated endlessly.
This is a problem that I often contemplate when admiring the works of digital artists like yourself.
Sorry to have written so much, perhaps this question was better suited for the forums.

Art at its best.