Orcs v Red Coats by abi

Orcs v Red Coats

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Added: May 08, 2004
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An image for self promotion.

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Kind of reminds me of that classic film 'Zulu', depicting the Battle of Rorke's Drift.

Out-numbered, but never out-gunned!

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And back to reality - this is one of my favourite pics. It's on my desktop, I printed it on my T-shirt and made a poster of it. Great thanks for such fantastic work!

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Well... I guess they rather don't get any guns at all. It's Her Majesty Colonial Army, those, who never left the battlefield [or like say my friend "They have balls of English steel"]. And they got 4 rifles and 6 guns [question is why those with guns didn't take second from the other trooper] and a good place do defend. Guessing there is something about 30 to 40 orcs... The shot and reload and shot again rifle like those take about 2 seconds. They have a 7 bullet in it, and reload of them takes in hurry something about 10 seconds. The guns... here I have a problem. It's army colt, and if they use fast reload system, it takes from 3 to 5 seconds to reload. If not, reload of colt take about 6 to 10 seconds. So just calculate. In 2 seconds we've got 4 killed by rifles and 4 killed by colts[shot is just one sec] - they are so close, that in my opinion shot=killed... About 40 orcs... in 6 seconds we've got 12 killed by colts [and now time to reload or take gun from friend] and 12 killed by rifles... They have still 4 bullets in rifles, so it give time those with colts to reload or do something... I think the Colonial Army will be victory once again.

And back to reality - this is one of my favourite pics. It's

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Reminds me of the history of the British Empire. You can't kill your enemy if you see them as a fellow human.

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What a smashing picture.
Absoultely tip top.

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I kind of am rooting for the orcs.

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It reminds me of a toable top game called Warhammer

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Thanks Ogrebear, it was actually a very fun pic to do.

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Now this is a fun pic. I like the idea of the Brits fighting Orcs!

Now what would our green skinned friends do when they got their hands on British rifles heh?

Great pic, lots of emotion as always.

~ from Ogrebear

Art at its best.