Bugbears by bleblanc


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Artwork Stats
Added: May 14, 2004
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A party of adventurers wander into the lair of a tribe of bugbears. A skirmish commences.

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I've got to agree with that last commenter - I've been a Frazetta fan for ages, but this might even be better. You're awesome - keep it up!

bleblanc's picture

Thanks. I realize this is a late reply But I only just got around to readin the comments. I'm no Frazetta by far. But he has been one of my biggest muses. -BL

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Another Biz copy, however!! You have the potential. Find your own way, don't copy styles, you can paint well. Paint it your own way. As far as Frazetta, sorry along way to go yet.

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Really love the colours and feel of this. And I dig the winged helmet too.

illustrus's picture

Sweet. Given my own adventures with Bugbears that tribe is gonna get worked.
Really well done.

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I agree, if you worked on the details a little bit more then it will be as good as Frazetta

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This is just excellent....definitely as good or better than Frazetta

Art at its best.