Jealousy by stahlberg


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Added: May 16, 2004
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The Queen was killed by her younger sister on the night of her wedding to the Goblin Prince

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Too beautiful for words... should have sent a poet.

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Wow this is really amazing I love how the moonlight reflects off her back and off the sword. ~*~*~Trista*~*~*~

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unbelievable pic.. so photo-realistic and beautiful. This is one of the best works I've seen in Epilogue =)

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The bruises on her leg perhaps caused by her sister struggles? as you can see she has a tight grip on her right thigh. This is a truly amazing piece, I could look at it for ages, thankyou very much for sharing it.

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Your work is great. It does capture alot of emotion. In the picture, I noticed that in the background the Goblin Prince was still sleeping. You made a great choice of what to create in your artwork.

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I was just randomly scrolling through pictures, and this one caught my eye,
As soon as I saw it, my breath was gone. It captures so many emotions at once! Jealousy, of course, anger, rage, pity, and fear. Quite a freaky feeling you get when they're all together. ^^ I couldn't do art like this to save my life. Good job!!!!

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very impressive, you captured a very intense and strong feeling likes a lot!

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I know you hear this alot but this is truely over the top, I mean DAMN!! I wouldn't know what to do with myself if my art looked like this

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dude ur stuff is great

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wonderful work!

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Oh my goodness that is simply beautiful. The sweeping curtain reminds me alot of Vermeer - especially in its' richness. Zero crits; I adore this startling realism, the warmer lighting from the left contrasting with the cold light from the right (coinciding nicely with the murderous deed being committed) ;]

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wow! At first my eyes went straight to the girls and the tension they created...then I heard someone mentioning the gorgeous cloth...and then I saw the goblin price in the backround! it's crazy how you kept everything around the girls relalistic....but subtle!

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the best!!! what happened to the Goblin Prince?

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Wow. Your image is captivating and commands many viewings indeed. The moment portrayed is electric and loaded with anticipation, drama and atmosphere. The piece is very sexy and though it is sugestive you have preserved a mystique which makes it a powerful tease and leaves our two heroines with grace and pride. As people have commented there is a backstory in the bruised leg etc so the art backes up the and builds the story. You draw on themes of destroying something beautiful which evokes strong emotion in the viewer and makes them part of the story. As far as your art is concerned the lighting, fabrics, figures, hair posing etc are exquisite. I acknowledge you for creating of such a calibre that is rare and a work that left me with feelings of awe and wonder. Great work.
Rob D

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It just doesn't get any better than this imo. the lighting,painting, expressions everything is spot on. Extraordianary

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amazing! the picture looks so real, the skin and the cloth...

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*jaws dropping*
You are truly inspiring!
There's really much to learn from your art.

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I feel like that girl with the bruises on her legs sometimes...

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The more I look at this piece, the better I like it. The detail is astounding. I am in complete awe of the way those sheets are rendered. Stunning and very dramatic image. Well done!

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Eum... her sister is a fairy? ^^" Good one..^^ you express a lot, and yes, I mean A LOT of emotions here. My heart beats hard just seeing this picture...^^ Is it me or is it your pic? Great one...^^

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OH.....MY.......GOD........ this is $%^&*^$ amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is really digital????? it looks like a painting, but at the same time like a photograph! you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!! beyond amazing!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!

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Apartently all of your work is facinating. Such interesting subjects! I do hope you'll be putting up more soon.

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Hehe, Wow. Speechless. Im fascinated by your artwork. AND I cannot wait to hear more of the story!

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This is by far one of the best artworks that I ever seen. You're a great artist!! Smile

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You are amazing.

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Oh hell! Why are the rest of us even trying? Seriously though....this is amazing...

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Really, really beautiful...amazingly beautiful. I hope that's not the same queen from your other gorgeous picture, the Blue Hour, I'd hate for her to die! This is so amazing. I wonder how the sister got those bruises, too.

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Dayum... every single part of this image is perfect. The cloth alone boggles the brain. Absolutely fantastic!

Art at its best.