Gagged and Bound by jenga

Gagged and Bound

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Added: Feb 22, 2005
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Artwork Description

When I created this piece I had in mind the idea that there are two parts to one whole. As individuals all of us deal with what we typically refer to as our dark and light sides. One side ever leaning towards evil or just plain bad inclinations while the other part of us, the light side, tends towards good deeds and pleasant thoughts. Each side is struggling to gain control by repressing the other. For the most part they balance each other out., leaving the majority of us to reside somewhere in the middle. This balance is precious and essential to our completion as a whole being.

I depicted the two sides as angels, one fallen, and one still in grace. I wanted to depict the contrasting nature of the two beings without the use of wings, halos, and horns. The piece was entered into a show titled “The Seven Deadly Sins”, I felt this piece depicted envy nicely and though it did not place, and actually represents so much more than envy alone, I entered it with these few words

She envies her....
As only the fallen can
Her innocence, her purity, chaste as a newborn day
The epitome of righteous perfection...all she can never be...
She longs to consume it, the grace the beauty
So she smothers her
and revels in all that she is and all she can never be.

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this is an amazing picture!!
I love the story to it too.


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I sent a link to this pic to my best friend. It sums up our relationship very well. Laughing out loud I Love it!

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This piece is amazing! It's hard to believe that it didn't place! It looks like you put so much effort into it!

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Thank you James, I must say I have seen your work and it is amazing, especially that piece you did of Jodi.

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Beautifully painted work, Jenga, thank you for your description, it helped to get my brain in gear! impressive and inspiring!

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Waow.. no comment just waowww.. O_o

Art at its best.