Marines by barontieri


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Artwork Stats
Added: May 21, 2004
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playing with PS7, speedpainting (about an hour)

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The soldiers appear to resemble Helgen Infantry. Is that what you used as a base, if so then nice work, been looking for some Killzone art.

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If this was done in one hour, you should have a ton of paintings in your galleries. Why, one hour a day would give you 7 in just a week's time! I saw only about 6 total paintings in your galleries. I find it hard to believe that you could paint something of this calibre in one hour and then only have 6 of them total since you uploaded 4 months ago. Let's see... one hour a day should give you 120 paintings by now. Okay, off on weekends... 88 paintings you should have. Just one hour M-F. You have... 6.

The amount of detail in this painting doesn't allow for it to be done in an hour in PhotoShop.

By the way, your third marine must be a child since he's half the size of the second guy but still one block away - the same distance the 2nd marine is from the first.

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OMG. That's an hour's worth of speedpainting? unfrzgiking-believable. *sigh*

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U are sooooooo dam good dude soo dam a great artist Wink keap goin my G us

and the pool is a jakuzy

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dude...if you could email me. i really want to start using photoshop, but i don't even know where to start withing the program. I see all these people talking about painitng within the heck do you do all that?

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great work thierry! terrific! Laughing out loud

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One hour? Pftt............*sobs*
Keep up the excellent work!

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I'ts unbelivable how such a nice pic could be done in an hour.But what's the dude doing in the pool? it's freezeing.

Art at its best.