Raising from the ashes by cavale

Raising from the ashes

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 13, 2004
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Once a millenia, beauty shall be born from death...

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Thank you very much for this kind comment! I really appreciate!

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I love the colours and your use of sharp and soft to add to the effect....awesome! Smile

cavale's picture

Wow! Thanks a lot for this very kind comment! Laughing out loud

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Thank you very much! Laughing out loud
I will!

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THIS PICTURE IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work please!!!!

cavale's picture

Hey J-F!!! Laughing out loud

Yep, this is my first submission. I really like this place, it pushes you futher! Laughing out loud

nachtritter's picture

So THAT'S the one that got in. Tongue

Heehee, well, I guess we'll just see how this will grow! Smile It's small at first but hey, this is Epilogue... Tongue

cavale's picture

Thanks a lot Chloe! Smile
I'm actually happy about how this one came out.

ariadne's picture

Hey wow! The sculls look really cool. Love the colours on the bird...

Congrats on getting this in!

cavale's picture

Thank you very much! It does have changed a lot, didn't it? I like the new direction this piece took.Smile

djinn's picture

Oh, this is a totally different picture from the first one you showed us. Much better! Lovely colours and good theme.

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The phoenix looks great AND imposing. The overall quality of this piece is now much better with the perception of a background.....

About the only thing I can notice is that some of the skeleton heads look a bit out of place (Lower right one, right under the phoenix's tail and the lower one on the bottom left, wich looks somewhat unfinished) but it's nothing compared to the quality found overall.

Just nitpicking to keep you on your toes!!!

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your next 'oeuvre d'art'!

...Rei AKA Colopitiron

cavale's picture

Thanks you very much!!!
You know, you were a very important factor in this success, I'm very glad you were around!!!

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Thank you very much!!!! Smile

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Wonderful! So proud of you and you put in the work and it paid off. Great job!

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Yes, this is very nice! Love the colours, and the contrast in the picture. Congrats for getting it in!

cavale's picture

Thanks a lot Dean! I'm very happy about this one, especially since It's the first piece I try to submit to this site... And also, just seeing how much this particular piece have evolved really have me looking forward to futur pieces. Laughing out loud

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Good to see it got accepted, Sonia! Do deserved it after all to wok you put into it.

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Laughing out loud I sure am!!!! This might seem redundant, but thanks again so much for your support Marie!!! *Hug*

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You got it in! This looks lovely my dear! Aren't you proud? You should be. Laughing out loud You've done a fantastic job improving this. The colors and the fire and smoke... love it! Laughing out loud *HUG*

Art at its best.