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Added: Jul 27, 2004
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"Long ago in a time remembered by few, there was a small town by the name of Lyre Hill. Guarding this town was Nobody. Loved by all, Nobody's life was dedicated to protecting the village and a powerful gem of magic. One day however, a Demon came and demanded the gem. When Nobody refused, the demon, angered, trapped him in a cave and then stole away all of the children. The demon cursed the village, so that no children could ever be born or live within it's walls again.

The next day, nobody escaped from the cave...but he was too late. Eventually, even the most dedicated parents left, losing hope of ever finding their kin.

Nobody, alone in what he had come to call Nowhere, searched every night for the lost children; holding out his lantern so that there would always be a light home for them.

Sitting alone, Nobody whispers to himself, 'Who's there?....Nobody.'"

Character courtesy of Sticky Evil, copyright © Michael McMath.

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Corpse Bride movie influence?

fantastically beautiful!

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does he ever find the children? WHY DOES THE DEVIL HAVE TO HAVE THE CHILDREN????? liked the lantern so sad sniff sniff

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I like how he looks so lonely, but he's making companions in the shadow, I actually have a poem similar to the picture:) ITs really great, Keep it up!
-Kim B

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Thanks! Though, I can't take credit for the story. Even though I wrote it, the concept is from my friends web-comic.^^

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Very nice and I also like the story.

Art at its best.