Medusa on a Slow day by vszramski

Medusa on a Slow day

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 04, 2004
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Sculpture / Mixed media, Fimo, stands 14" (with base). Interpretation of the Greek myth who had no "heroes" to turn to stone lately, so she settles for the local pidgeons in the meantime. Oops! She keeps dropping 'em *smash*.

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love the way it is made like the shinest futures and all!!!!!!!!

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this is very very cool and for whom ever did this scluper nice work!!!!!!!!!!!

vszramski's picture

Thank you!

icarus126's picture

very nice work

vszramski's picture

Oh, geez...I forgot about your birds. *cringe* Uhmmm...*disclaimer* "No actual birds were harmed in the sculpting of this."

forestrogers's picture

She wonderful... but I'm going to warn my dear bird about her!!

vszramski's picture

Erin, Thanks! Glad you laughed. I was laughing when I made it too. Good deal! -V.

eirewolf's picture

Hi Victoria! All your sculptures are wonderful, but I'm commenting on this one particularly because it made me laugh. When I first saw it, I thought, "Aw, even Medusa has a soft side; she loves birds!" And then... I saw the stone pigeons on the ground and burst out laughing. Smile Great work, and fabulous idea!


vszramski's picture

She now lives in some guy's living room, poor guy...haven't heard from him in awhile...Maybe I should call him to make sure that my Medusa hasn't gotten bored again, not that he could anwser the phone if she had...hmmm.

rita's picture

Ha ha ha - this is just some wonderful humour Laughing out loud Love that idea ...

fantasist's picture

What wonderfully imaginative work. I love the sense of humour behind this one.

vszramski's picture

Awwww, shucks. (please picture here artist with head bowed, kicking foot in dirt). Thank you so very much for that!!

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Very fine work, good texturing of the clothes and the folds ae great... beautiful detail..

vszramski's picture

Thanks, Barbara.....sometimes I think that most of my art doesn't reflect my personality enough. I'm a pretty goofy girl. I'll try to remedy that! (I like using humor w/ art, I mean, not trying to change my goofiness. I don't think that would be possible.....) Thanks again!!

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That's too funny. Nice job of mixing art and humor.


vszramski's picture

Hey Jessica!! Yeah, I finally submitted here. There are sooooo many awesome paintings here, I'm having a ball goin' thru 'em all!

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Yay! Good to see you here! Hehe.. this one is great! Her skin, snakes, and that coloring around her eyes are wonderful. Poor pigeons ;]

vszramski's picture

Hey! It's you again! You sure get around! This one was one of my first attempts from when I first started sculpture......I thought it was funny! Thanks for the kind words!!

goddessart's picture

Very cool work. Her face and head are wonderful.

Art at its best.