Out of the Darkness by elmore

Out of the Darkness

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Added: Jun 06, 2004
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I am a big fan of your work, what more can be said than what already has been. I do hope to see more of your art here at epilogue. Smile

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That is Creative! I call that art work!

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sweet lord

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Very well done with the art technique, I liked the way your drawings were, especially when u tried to imagine all the settings of the past century where you couldn't be able to reach or to see at this era.

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hey man i love your pic, this is really nice. i can tell you read the dragonlance series. and if you want to know you could go to dragonlance.com

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Nice Pic.. way better than my stuff. Just a comment your dragon seems to have an almost humanoid anatomy.. Not really sure.. just something that struck me as odd.. anyhow great rendering of Sturm, Flint and Raistlin

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The wings and muscles of the Dragon must have been difficult. I have never had much luck when it comes to black. I can almost feel the evil eminating from this monster. Thank you for sharing with us.

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I was just perusing my way around Epilogue, and stumbled accross this image.

At first, I thought to myself, 'Very Nice!' and continued on my way. A few moments later, I frantically searched to find the image again as something in it seemed familiar...

Finally after finding it, I thougth to myself, 'Self, that looks an awful lot like the scene from the book you're reading right now.'

It's kinda crazy that it really is!

Great job.

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this was just how i imagined that scene... its been a long time since ive seen this picture!
i love your art! but i miss your pictures on DL covers though! Digital art is taking over, new artists are coming... -_-;
LOL! lovely!!

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Great work. Reminded me immediately of Dragonlance before I even read the caption thing. Keep up the good work!

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What a staggering amount of detail you have put into this. It's works like this that prove why you are one of the best in the World. Your draftsmanship is so clean and structured, and your color composition is varied and stimulating. Not to mention textures, your works are strong in every dimension. Of course, you know that your interpretations of Raistlin, Caramon, Sturm Brightblade, etc. bring the whole Dragonlance saga to life. A very warm welcome to Epilogue sir. Damn, it's just friken awesome that you're here!!!

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Hm, I really like most of your work, but for some reason this image seems lacking. It is oddly static despite the apparent action which should be happening. Don't know what it is. Oh well, no one can please everyone all the time, I guess. Wink

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I've always been a fan, Larry. Your work is the reason I read the Dragonlance series. I'm glad to see your art here at Epilogue.

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Just gorgeous.

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great armoury on that man on the left, after that Im most curious about the ruins showing behind the temples holding pilars, has some interesting kind of renoirish fairytailish look and impressionistic that favours my eyes personally

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Very cool storytelling and illustration...From a Dragonlance fan...

Art at its best.