Wild Bore by elmore

Wild Bore

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Added: Jun 08, 2004
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I think you'll find that this is a "boar" not a "bore". Unless of course the hairy pig is very uninteresting.

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Heh! This sort of reminds me of everytime my friends and I roleplay and we go on a hunting trip!

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As the years roll by you remain a staple in this field. This piece again shows why your work has influenced so many of us!

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Very impressive and amazing image. The light and details are fantastic. Excellent!

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thank you! thank you so much for all the wonderful houres that i have looking at your art - thanks for your hard work which is definately necessarry for creating such high detailded work - you are a true inspiration to me - thanks!!!

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I look at your site and galerie this is wonderful.Can you give me just the 1/4 of your talent? I would be very happy hehe.exellent as always ; )

ct2001's picture

Your work for D&D in the eighties was one of my first sources of inspiration. Great work as usual and thanks for posting some of your pieces on Epilogue.

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Beautiful painting! Your sense of realism and texture is amazing! Im a little confused as to the light source...is the boar eminating as much light as the torch?

Well, either which way, it doesn't matter, because this is brilliant work! I especially like the color blue that you have in the background. Smile

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I really like this painting. The lighting is very dramatic and the composition carries your eye back and forth from the boar to the adventuring party. A great work of art!

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err... boar

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Dynamic Lighting and Composition, Dramatic Poses and Expressions, and a great thrilling sense of energy are what come to my mind.

Art at its best.