wraith by yonaz


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 10, 2004
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photoshop brush
optical mouse

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The tilted perspective adds a great atmosphere.

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... w o w ... all your work ... suberb you'll go far, young sir...

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$#!+, This is amazing! Horrifying. The character is very ominous, very dominant, obviously. I can just imagine finding this one! Yikes!

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Gods above! I mean; there are some pretty good painters around here on Epilogue, but this image is something unbelievable. Hats off to you herr Jakobsson.

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waouh!! vraiment beau.... mais tu sait quoi?... sa me fait pensé un peu a: lord of the ring :S

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I agree with book illustrations. THIS is the sort of qua

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arf...c'est tout bonnement jouissif. Quel talent !!!

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Hi thanks for the kind comment, sure just mail me info

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Oh my Leaf. This is amazing! You have a skill! You are gifted! You are spectacular! How do you learn to get this good? You could do book illustrations with this art!

Btw, do you do requests?


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Very unique viewpoint! Makes you feel like your laying on the ground having just been struck down by this thing. Also, calls to mind a ringwraith from LOTR.

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wow, thats very atmospheric, and its so nice to see someone play around with the camera angle, something many people seem to ignore. Excelent work, keep it up. Smile

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wow, this is beautiful and the perspective draws in the viewer well. i like how the subject is in a compositional and textural parallel to that tree . . . gives it a mysterious feel Smile

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completely amazing.....

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Thi work is amazing. The perspective you chose really creates an eerie atmosphere. dramatic!

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thanks =P

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thanks alot Smile

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wow .. nice !

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jeezus...what a freakin' amazing perspective this is! WOW...I love it! Outstanding atmosphere as well! Love that fog/mist! Great work Jonas! Laughing out loud

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thanks uwe Smile its always makes me happy with nice response, ive tried a tablet once.. but i think it was kinda bad. at least id like to think so cause i sucked with it! Wink that was in school thou, maybe if i would buy a good and big one to my home and can practice here i could get better althou right now i feel really comfortable with my mouse Smile but i think i will be forced to switch soon cause i think i will damage my armmuscels and neck

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damn this is fantastic - what a unique and eyecatching perspective - this is a real stunner - wow - btw. your whol gallery is just superb - i never will know how one can do such brilliant pieces with a mouse - ever tried a graphic tablet???? i bet you could do mindblowing stuff with it!!!!! othrwise i am not sure what one could do better at your pieces - so just keep up your fabulous work, a real pleasure to look at!!!!

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thanks alot Smile

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thank u thank u Smile, i like the green at that spot too Smile

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thanks alot im glad u like them Smile

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Perspective kicks butt - as everyone said. But I adore those green tones in the foreground; loverly!!! Great stuff Laughing out loud

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Your works have such great drama in them and you clearly have a unique and recognizable style. Ah, to be so talented at such a young age. Your future is so bright it blinds me. Great work Jonas. Smile

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just simply brilliant

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Awesome image! The POV and atmosphere is fantastic.. Excellent!

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This one is nice, too. I like the perspective and the feel!

Art at its best.