night of the black birds by yonaz

night of the black birds

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Added: Mar 15, 2005
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aaronhab's picture

very nice work...
i love the mood and sense of depth...

Guest's picture

That's so cool. I like the design of the walker's legs, and the detail of the ruined building in the foreground. Are those mounds of rubble in the background, or piled up bodies?

A story started forming in my mind as soon as I saw this -- that's how you know it's good! There's a girl in rags hiding just out of sight, isn't there, huddled up against that pile of rubble, hoping to evade yet another sweep by the bad things. If only her hunger hadn't driven her out of hiding to search for food. Now she might not make it back to the others, and how will her little brother survive without her? *Please let them go away...*

Ok, I'll stop now. Maybe the band of rebels hiding out in that dilapidated building will save her. Smile

straycat's picture

Love the atmospere the buildings details and the bird.
Really like this one.


mythmaker's picture

I like the wraith figure controlling the machine from an external canopy. Great work.

Guest's picture

Makes me want to write a movie script..

malyce's picture

*Falls over from the intense detail* Grand scheme and wonderous atmosphere, you've enraptured quite a scene here, love it! One could spend hours just noticing all the little details you've placed in this peice.

Art at its best.