Dread's Allies-BloodWind(Xue Feng) by morgorth

Dread's Allies-BloodWind(Xue Feng)

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 19, 2004
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When the angels descended from nirvana,those whom fell separated into three sides,they were outcasts,exiled and banished, and most importantly,they had their new goals...This angel,Xue Feng(BloodWind),was one of the fell races,seeking neither refuge with other fallen angels nor salvation,he turned to one of the empire's biggest power...and has served Dread ever since..
Defending the high gates of the black citadel,Xue was endowed with additional powers from Dread,his third eye oversees everythin and even those without shadows,being corrupted his skin has changed and his wings evolved...Xue has proven to be a powerful ally and force to be reckoned with,though his brethen constantly seeks him down,Dread's Kingdom is far too powerful....
He was somewhat inspired by a god from a chinese mythology,... so here he is,in his customary clothes,comms and such greatly appreciated!Smile

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WOW! I like to think I know good art when I see it but this pic is just plain awesome. Keep it up.

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Thank u so much,i will strive to do betta...Smile

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Brilliant, just brilliant. I love the Wings!!

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Wow,ur the first artist onEpilogue to comm on my stuff~lots of gratitude felt!~TC and hav a nicest day!~

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Brilliant and most impressive image. The character, pose and atmosphere is amazing.. Excellent!

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Wow! I'm at a loss for words, its beautiful. Its amazing how you did this especially on a computer. I applaud your skill as you are a great artist.

Art at its best.